Monday, January 30, 2012

A Heart-Warming Holiday Movie for the Whole Family!

I finally got my movie from Christmas-time in Indiana put together - we had such a good time, and, I think you'll agree, I have the most charming nephews you ever laid eyes on.

Oh, for context, nephew #1 is pretending to be Cobra Cat and "Thriller" Cat

It's probably better  in full-screen (my first HD camera on my new video camera - present from perfect husband, M!).


kbmulder said...

Love the video! Charlie & I thoroughly enjoyed it. He was giggling and loved seeing the boys.

Caitlin said...

So sweet.

Anonymous said...

That was great, Kelly!

Greatest Aunt Carol


dad said...

Awesome, Wonderful, Fantastic....(Maybe next year for the Oscar's!)

ma said...

Nathan liked it immensely, espe tcially the part where the boys were opening their presents. I had forgotten how EXCITED they were when they saw the things. Really a delicious film.