Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pillow Spree

I have been on a pillow spree lately!  I recently learned that it's not too difficult to put a zipper in a pillow -  in fact, I would say that it's actually easier to put a zipper in a pillow than NOT to, and it looks better as well - so... zippers in pillows, all the time, yo.

balls on the inside
I bought this vintage tablecloth at my local shop and have been putting it to good use for years.  You may recognize it from the curtains in my kitchen.  I've been wanting to make a pillow as well and finally it all came together when I was admiring my trim hoard.

It was quite easy to make - I just free-handed the trim around, then pinned it down and then sewed it down, then trimmed off the extra fabric, cut a coordinating fabric and sewed that on, right sides together, balls stuffed inside, and... voila!  Bob's your uncle.

Then I made another pillow so that one wasn't lonely and because I was on a ROLL that could not be stopped after merely one stunningly fabulous, Grandma Chic pillow creation.  This one I made out of some cute orange fabric I've had laying around with some adorable blue stripes on the reverse.  Plus a little yellow rick rack from that aforementioned Hoard o' Trim.
The front

I only wish I had finished this when my sister and my nephew were in town because I think he would have liked those turquoise  pom poms.  He did something very funny with my lavender eye pillow which was to first try to throw it like a bean bag and then, after being admonished that it was not a "play toy" and meant for "meditative relaxation" (I remain, by the way, a favorite aunt, even after that conversation). Then he enjoyed running into our room, leaping and bouncing on the bed, and then throwing himself down and shouting, "Look at me, Auntie!" Whereupon he would grab my eye pillow, slam in it on his eyes and pretend (N.B.) to relax.  For about 10 seconds.  

The back... or the front?

So happy together!

Those are not even ALL the pillows I have made recently!  Stay tuned for more... pillows!  And more zippers.  And, possibly more stories about my adorable nephews.

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