Wednesday, January 04, 2012


My friend M showed me some fabulous hats by an old friend of hers.  They inspired me to "make" some of my own hats.  Actually, this gal creates her own hats start to finish, but I bought some plain wool hats and embellished them myself.  I made this one for my friend, J.
cute, right?
I was quite pleased with the results.  A small tragedy is that I made one for my sister and forgot to take a picture.  Also, my mom made a Winter Wonderland on a red wool cloche that's pretty incredible (also undocumented).  What I really like about this designer is that she really goes for it, where I'm much more inclined to scale back.  So, she kind of inspired me to go for it a little more than I might normally.

PS, here's how I learned to make those fabric flowers.

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MZ said...

SO lovely!! And I'm so glad LC's hats were an inspiration. Fabuloso! (: