Sunday, January 08, 2012

Skins (some spoilers)

Has anyone seen that British TV show, Skins?  It. Is. So. Fantastic.  Season 1 and 2 were my favorite - I really liked that cast.  I love love love Tony (the actor is that kid who played that kid in that movie with Hugh Grant, knowwhaimsayin'?) and I really liked Maxxie, and I liked all the girls.  And when Tony got hit by that bus,  I was like, NO WAY!
first cast
 Then, when season two started and there was a whole new cast, I was like, WHAAAAAAA?  No!  and I thought I would never like the new people.  But, then, it turns out, I really love all those characters too.  Especially Effy and Pandora and Cook and Freddie.  And Thomas.  And then when they all went camping and got high and Effy clocked whatshername over the head and left in her in the woods for dead, I was like, NO WAY!  And then, when Effy and Cook go on the run I was like OH MAN WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN NEXT?  and meanwhile, I really wished they would give us some clue about what had happened the previous cast, but, it's like, too bad, you're not going to find out.  I got one of those weird, pervy, old-lady crushes on Freddie.

2nd cast
Then, at the end of Season 4... do you know what happened?  Imma drop a big spoiler, so stop reading if you're going to watch this series, which you really should, but I REALLY want to talk with someone about this so I hope a loyal fan reads this.  So (OK, here's the spoiler):  Freddie gets killed? oh. my. gawd.  How could that have happened?  Then, Cook goes to the guy's house and it's like, OMG, GET OUT OF THERE, COOKIE! But, he stays and has what I would call like, one of the best moments in televised history?  Personally, I think Cook defeated that guy.  I mean, he's Cook, he's strong, a loose cannon, and he just found out his friend got murdered?  Dang, man, but the end of that series came rough.  Even M, who happened to watch that episode with me, wanted to watch "the first five minutes" of the next one, to find out what happened.  "They're gone," I said, "We'll probably never find out."

kinda lame
Then, I was crushed for a while.  And I didn't even think I could WATCH season 5.  But, I reminded myself how I never thought I would enjoy the second group of people, but I totally loved them, so I would probably love the 3rd bunch too.  But, it turns out I didn't enjoy that cast as much.  I thought the whole bit with the Mean Girls was dumb, and I didn't like Alo or Rich or any of the girls except Franky.  Also, it didn't have any of the sort of extreme teenager-craziness of the previous story-lines.  No major drama that made me shout and feel weird and pervy.  Did really love that song at the end of season 5, though...


d00dpwn1337 said...

I liked the song for Cook's final speech "Nice Nice - Set the Setting". It reminds me of Spacemen 3 and Pink Floyd's early stuff.

I also liked the heavy metal guys tunes in Season 5, plus there was another show with really good music in season 5, but I don't remember which one right now.

Special K said...

yeah, that was a good song, but I didn't like the heavy metal like you did. (: