Thursday, November 17, 2005

I have another weekend of serious writing ahead of me to finish up this Whistler chapter I'm writing - then I'm going to move on to van Gogh. The last few weekends I've been working really hard on Whistler, but it's always a bit difficult to get rolling - for some reason, my house has to absolutely spotless before I can concentrate.

Dudes! My brother-in-law's band was on NPR - how cool is that? You can listen to a sample - it's really great.

Well, aside from writing there's nothing on my weekend agenda aside from checking out the new Harry Potter movie - oh! That reminds me - so, we're taking the L home today and there's this dude sitting next to us, and he's wearing a wizard robe (read: black graduation gown) and a Griffendore scarf - except he totally looks like Draco Malfoy because he's got this platinum blonde hair - except he's like, my age. So, we're all like, he should wear a Slitherin scarf.

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