Thursday, November 10, 2005

Kids, I hate to tell you what I watched on television last night. I did give in to every temptation. I watched models cry and get drunk and cry and act like insane divas and watched Tyra at her most bizarre, and I watched a crazy, toothless woman from "God's country" freak out and scream about horoscopes and mandalas, which she referred to as "dark things" and of the devil or something. Instead of making me feel intellectually superior, I just got depressed in a blue state kind of way and thought it's all doom, doom, if we can't understand each other, and if people like that are allowed to vote. She is surely anti-abortion, and I doubt she understands the importance of upcoming privacy issues in the supreme court. I'm going to have to take a hard line and force myself to never watch Trading Spouses again, and I hate to say it, but ANTM is looking pretty shaky too.

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Mrs. Savage said...

How wrong is it that I watch ANTM religiously, and yet I never got that the gratuitous use of ANTM on all their rehearsal products actually stands for America's Next Top Model? I actually spent valuable brain energy trying to figure out what it meant. Does that make you sad in a Blue State kinda way? It kinda makes me sad. Maybe I need to watch more PBS or something.