Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Indiana boy makes good

Last night my brother-in-law, Lyman, was on Letterman! Regis Philbin has a christmas cd and he played backup while Regis sort of what do you call it? Chanteused Rudolph, my least favorite christmas song, which made it very difficult to sleep. Occasionally Donald Trump would bop out and shout something. It was a very odd, sort of post-modern performance. The cool thing is, Lyman was standing right behind Regis, so he was on the whole time. We'll have to keep out eyes peeled on his blog to see what he has to say about the experience. BTW, L. has released his first solo cd - check it out.

And now, a word on Letterman. First off, what is WITH Paul Schaffer? The dude's a total freak. I mean, how much coke do these guys do before they go on the show? Also, Colin Hanks was on, who in his Hanksiness is quite unbearable. I'd like to know, does Tom Hanks have other children who are exact clones of himself that we'll have to endure for generations to come? Will the world will forever be plagued with Hankses and will they all have that same annoying way of talking as if everything they say is like, SO interesting?


Mrs. Savage said...

I think Colin's a robot. They're all robots.

Lyman said...

I've hung with Paul a bit ... I saw no evidence of coke use. But there has to be some explanation!