Sunday, November 06, 2005

What a weekend!

Oh, my friends, it's been quite a weekend. I spent most of it working on my thesis, or rather, a small part of my thesis, which was at times agonizing, at times thrilling - it could be the best or the worst work I've ever done. We'll see what my advisor has to say about it. Went out for dinner with the gang on Friday night and had a terrific time except for this crazy group of drunkards sitting behind us whose conversation started out salty and ultimately crescendoed to the point where I was reaching for my cell phone and wondering if a beer bottle was going to be broken over my head. After they stumbled out to the parking lot to solve their problems in more sophisticated ways, like passing out in the backs of their el dorados, our gang had a little laugh about what our favorite lines were. Lines so salty, I tell you, that I hesitate to write them down because I'm wondering if any young people might read my blog. Anyway, Sat. it was work work work on my thesis all day, with a break to go shopping for the new Margaret Atwood for me and Quake 4 for M. The Penelopiad is a super-quick read - I finished it in a couple of hours, and really excellent. I only wish it had been longer, because now I don't have anything else to read. Except for, uh, books and books on 19th century art. If you also want a review of Quake 4, I can tell you that Mike seemed amused, although not obsessed - even now, he is not playing it, for example. I was looking over at it while I was writing earlier, and I can tell you it looked kind of gross. He said some characters were called, like, Strogrose, or something, and I said, "they're SO GROSS!" Get it?!?! OMG, I'm such a dork.

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