Monday, July 10, 2006

LA Review

Well, I'm back from LA, where I had just a terrific time with my sister and Murphy. My brother-in-law's in Europe on tour with Steve Tyrell and by the looks of his blog, he's having a fabulous time. I got to catch up with some old friends, went to a couple of museums, but most importantly, spent some good quality time with my sis laying by the pool or on the couch watching movies. Here are some pics:

this is a dirty one I took of M and C eating chocolate bananas on Olvera Street, the oldest section of Los Angeles and a really nifty place to hang out, see some historical buildings and shop around in the market. Check out Mike's short hair! Oh, turns out Mike's not the only one to cut his dramatic locks - check out our friend Stan.

this is us at the Getty Villa in Malibu - a great place to spend the afternoon and have lunch, which is exactly what we did.

The Villa has really amazing architecture and details, like this stone floor. What better display for my adorable pedicure?

Here's another shot of the gardens there. The gardens are fabulous, and there's an herb garden that's olfactory heaven!

and this is Murphy, everyone's special friend and just the best dog you'll ever know.

Now that I'm back in Chicago it's back to the old job search. I also wrote a few movie reviews for my long-ignored other website. Check out my reviews for The Devil Wears Prada and The Da Vinci Code - two movies based on some of the worst books ever written!

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