Friday, July 21, 2006


Well, I just can't believe my fave contestant on Project Runway, Malan, the Tim Curry look-alike, is OUT. Even if his dress did literally look like poo, Angela or Vincent really should have got the boot. Now how am I going to figure out how he got that fake Eurotrash accent? It was a real heartbreak for me; I was really rooting for him. Actually, I'm listening to Tim Gunn's podcast right now, and it seems clear that Vincent should have got the auf wiedersehen.

The clothes from the show are being auctioned off. Looks like you can snag a size 0 dress for about $300 - which is either a good or a terrible price, considering rumors that the clothes are stapled, glued and taped together.

I don't need the worst website of all time, My Heritage, to tell me these two look alike.

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Anonymous said...

$300 for a size 0 dress?
That's phenomenal!
I have a wedding to go to next weekend, and my thumb has nothing to wear! :)
I am sad to see Milan go as well -- where did that accent come from? I thought for sure that "I don't really do do you feel about gloves?" girl was out.
They'll get theirs.