Monday, July 17, 2006

Ooooooo - I'm telling!

Well, Jesus Fucking Christ, our president said "shit" - can you believe it's made international news? (The BBC rather charmingly said he used an "ex-pleetive") What I found most crass about the whole situation is how he casually buttered a piece of bread and spoke to Tony Blair with his mouth full. It pretty ironic that Bush depends on this ultra-conservative crew he's created, and now they're all freaking out because he said a bad word. Maybe they'll get "fuck-you" Dick Cheney to wash his mouth out with soap.


Anonymous said...

Well, it's a good thing that you're not a news analyst - - you've fixated on the expletive, but missed the real significance:

Special K said...

Hey, who wrote that? Actually, what I've fixed on is not the expletive, but the reaction to it, jackass. Some nerve, coming to my blog and telling me I've missed the real significance... *mutter*