Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Lunch at Tiffany's

Yesterday I had a kind of crazy day - I went to the Mile and did a little bit of shopping and got totally SOAKED in the rain. I was sopped like a dog so I decided to duck into Tiffany's to have my ring polished. It got really scratched when I fell off my bike and broke my wrist. Did you know if you buy jewelry at Tiffany's, they'll clean it for you for free like, forever? M & I figure we might be able to get our money back in polishing. har har har. Anyway, I was a bit miserable from being wet and jostled on Michigan Avenue, but then I had a nice Audrey Hepburn moment and felt a lot better.

Last night we attempted to see Pirates of the Caribbean at the $5 movie theatre, but the place was a frickin' madhouse and there for 4 million people there, plus their kids. The next 2 shows were sold out, so we left. On the way out, I saw a grown man pick his daughter's nose, and then freak out supposedly because the booger was gross. Then he wiped it on the wall and made all this kids look at it. It was a really classy day.

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Anonymous said...

I just read the bit about the booger out loud to my co-worker, and we both almost threw up.
If we had, I would have opened the door to my office, and made everyone in the library come and look at it!