Monday, April 02, 2007

1st Installment: What's In My Garden?

I spent my first day mucking about in the garden - the previous owner planted a ton of perennials and the yard is just FULL of ... stuff. I have no idea what half of it is. Crocuses I recognize - and my mom's fave - Hens and Chicks.

I met a few elderly neighbors who were very nice but immediately chastised me for having neither a dog nor a birdbath.

There's a gigantic compost pile, which I tried to move to a less-obtrusive part of the yard. My friend C. had a nightmare that it rose up like the Swamp Thing and tried to attack her. I moved about half of it, and learned a few lessons:

1. Yard work is really hard
2. Crocs aren't good shoes to do yard work in
3. I'm gonna need a wheelbarrow

But, it felt great, getting my hands dirty in my very own yard, and I'm really excited about the good times that lay ahead. Hopefully times that will involve more margaritas and less sweat and dirt.

Without further ado, I give you: What's In My Garden? Seriously, I have no idea.

These are very sweet, I love them. That's a limestone sculpture I made in college.

This one is very scary looking. I almost ripped it out of the ground and stomped on it.


Caitlin said...

Eww!! That one looks like a brain!! Kill it!! Kill it!!

Actually, our compost was housed in a cage that was roughly chair shaped. In my nightmare, I had a bucket of scraps to toss on the pile when it came to life and started talking to me. "sit on me!" it said. "come on! Sit on me!" It was oogy. The swamp thing dream would have been worse.

Special K said...

Yeah, it totally looks like brains.

Sorry I misremembered your compost nightmare!

Anonymous said... could be rhubard....

Milo's greatest Aunt Carol

Anonymous said...


Special K said...

Oh, I think you're right, Aunt Carol-in-law. I finally found this map that the previous owner made for us of the garden, and it does mention rhubarb.

Anonymous said...

Kelly; how beautiful is your garden! I love the flower pictures! Thank you for sharing them with me. BL

Anonymous said...

mom said
I got a book for you The Indiana Gardners Guide (I couldn't find one called the Evanston Gardners Guide) and there is a picture of your little blue flowers there. They are Scilla bulbs.
Siberian Squill - Scilla siberica

You'll be able to read more about them when I get the book to you.
Don't hurt that Rubarb.