Saturday, July 07, 2007


I feel compelled to blog today just because it's 07/07/07 - good luck, or whatever! M. and I are having an awesome July 4th weekend - we hung out with friends on the 4th (it's all about the baked beans. Or possibly the potato salad...) and then we went camping in Wisconsin - we went to Peninsula State Park in Door County. Really nice park except the beach smelled like poo. Probably because of all that Cheesehead Sewage. We went on some amazing camping trips in California when we lived out there, and by comparison, camping in the midwest kind of sucks, but I do love Wisconsin. It's like a different country full of foreign-language speakers. Like, we were walking around the campsite trying to find a water fountain, and everyone seemed to be looking at us funny when we asked where it was, until finally someone told us there was a "bubbler" around the bend.

Here we are enjoying the natural splendor:

And this was our favorite pastime - sitting around the campsite reading (for me: Harry Potter book five, in preparation for the movie 07/11/07 - huh, that just doesn't have the ring of 07/07/07... too bad.)

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