Thursday, July 12, 2007

Harry Potter Movie!

When to the opening of Harry Potter last night with DeBordian Perruque and Sweetkealoha. We had a good time - the theatre was packed with Harry Potter fans. Even though, objectively, I think the movie kind of sucked, as like, a movie, I really enjoyed it. I just reread the book and I think they did about as well as they could to translate the approx. 900 page story to film. I'm sure it would be unbearable for anyone who is not a fan of the books. But, it's worth going early to enjoy the crowd experience, check out costumes, clap and yell at the screen and admire some of the cool effects and set designs.

We made wands for the occasion and everyone agreed that they're a handy accessory. Not just for casting spells but general pointing needs. You can buy an "official" plastic one, but for less than a buck, you can buy a wooden dowel, whittle down the end, paint or stain it, and make up a story about what's inside (mine: the hair of a Ken doll). I made our t-shirts too, with those iron-on things you can buy at any office store. Just create an image and don't forget to flip it horizontally before you print it out. Here's me and M., showing our school spirit:

And here are two Death Eaters, with the DARK MARK! (Watch out! They'll Cruxio you!)


Caitlin said...

I accidentally (subconsciously on purpose) brought my wand to work today. Accio, books!
Where is the Deering library?
Why it's THAT way!

kbmulder said...

Love your shirts! You were really in the spirit. M's haircut is very nice. I also cut Andy's hair this week and it's about as short. I got some tips at Christmas from your dad and bought a kit to save $.

Debordian Perruque said...

Actually, our friend McPatterson said he really loved the movie (thought it was maybe the best one) and he hasn't read any of the books. And he's pretty critical about the logic of a narrative in a movie. So maybe it's not so bad for those who haven't read the book.

I sure thought it was pretty good. I certainly missed some of the stuff from the book, but I loved the Umbrage bits, and thought overall that it was totally fun.

Carrie said...

I liked the movie, and Rotten Tomatoes gave it an overall fresh too. I did wonder if non book readers would be into it since I saw several plot lapses that made the character's emotional responses seem streched. Book 7 next week! What do you reckon? Who's not going to make it to the end?