Saturday, July 28, 2007

What's in My Garden?

Hey! Look what's in my garden!
Our neighbors alerted us to the nest about a week ago - it's deep in the rose bush. This is the papa:
He shouts at us when we're outside, especially when we let Kaya out with us.

Does anyone know what this is?
close up:
I moved a bunch of stuff today - we have this thin area between the fence and the walk in the back yard, which is generally over-run with weeds, but I'm trying to get bee balm and mint and lemon balm going in there. I moved some stuff from the front which I *think* is a plant and not a weed, but, the truth is I really don't know what it is. *shrug*


Anonymous said...

It's called Gay Feather, Blazing Star, Prairie snake root, commonly. Liatris Spicata is the latin name. Mine is purple but it also comes in pink and white. It's a great little plant that will spread by seeds but usually you have to divide it. I'm excited you have white - maybe I'll bring a little home with me. love, ma

clterry said...

Thanks Penny, I had no idea what it is called b/c I have purple but mine always falls over. Maybe it is due to two little boys playing in my flower bed- connie

Kathy said...

Your mother knows EVERYTHING!

Special K said...

Thanks, Momma - you can have all you want!