Thursday, June 05, 2008

Gal Pals

Saw Sex and the City the other night with some girl friends - was GREAT fun. Ladies, I gotta tell you, even though the movie's a little cheesy and the ending's not that great, if you have any love in your heart for the show, grab your best gal pals and head to the theatre. A huge part of the fun is sitting there with a couple hundred women, laughing at the funny parts and laughing harder at the cheesy parts, sneaking in cosmos, and figuring out who in your group is the Miranda and who's the Samantha.
(Our foursome looked almost just like that, except a couple of us where wearing zero-inch heels!)


kbmulder said...

I loved it! One part made me cry, but I won't reveal. The fashion was wonderful!!!

Caitlin said...

We totally had two blondes, a brunette and a red head!!