Monday, June 07, 2010

Bons Mots

I had another not-so-great weekend because that cold I had last weekend reared its ugly head again. But, I'm always happy when I've got my one true love by my side, so it wasn't so bad. We watched a marathon of Californication, which I think is really hot, and is also encouraging me to curse even more than I do already. *gasp*

M and I went to see MicMacs: à Tire-Larigot. It's a new film by Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Amelie, City of Lost Children...) It's not as terrific as Amelie or City of Lost Children, but it's still pretty awesome, and we had a good time. The lead, Dany Boon, is a fantastic physical actor and comedian, who reminded me a lot of Rowan Atkinson and Roberto Benini. Incredible sets. The title translates to something like Shenanigans all the Time. It's about a man who joins this kind of rag-tag group of folks and together they try to take down a weapons manufacturer and a bullet-manufacturer. Dirty business. As in Amelie, Jeunet makes the film at once very old fashioned and very current. One of the characters loves proverbs and my french is just not so great to catch them all, but I know they weren't all directly translated, which is a shame. (I also love proverbs, in fact, I have a very good book of French ones if you do too called Les Bons Mots: How to Amaze Tout Le Monde with Everyday French.)

Husband made all my dreams come true and got me a hammock stand, now our backyard is something of a suburban wonderland, requiring only health and consistent sunshine to make it complete.

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