Sunday, June 13, 2010


This weekend we went up to a Wisconsin for a friend's wedding - it was really beautiful and fun. The reception was held at The Family Farm - a petting barn, so we did some heavy petting before the reception, which featured a marvelous un-stuffy dinner of pulled pork and potato salad, which we gobbled up after being be-bibbed by the bride's mother.
M & M stay clean

After the wedding we stayed at at lovely little B&B in Cedar-Something, WI. It's a real cute little town whose entire socio-economic system seems to be completely built upon bakeries and candy shops. It also had approximately 3 Lutheran churches per square mile. I fear there are not enough hungry people to keep this town in business. Also Lutherans are notorious spendthrifts. Why buy a fancy truffle that was probably made by papists when you could make something jest as good with that frozen cookie dough at the Piggly Wiggly? So.

In ten years, I predict the town will be revived for a third time as a llama destination or something, and they'll give tours like this: "Cedar So-and-So started out as a mill-town that suffered an economic collapse at the advent of mass transportation and the preponderouslessness of the railroad car. In the early aughts it was revived into a bakery and chocolatier economy, which ultimately failed due to rising levels of diabetes and obesity, not to mention intense pressure from local Lutheran groups who believed the town was "putting on airs" with its Belgian chocolates and its Italian coffee. For years, Cedar ___ was little more than a ghost town, until a number of local llama farmers propelled the town from obscurity to world-class wool production. Or maybe alpacas."
¡Cuidado! ¡Ay Llamas!

Does anybody else remember this awesome bit on Sesame Street called "Me and My Llama"? It's about this kid who takes her llama to the dentist (in NYC for some reason?) Anyway, it's like, the best song you'll ever hear about a girl who takes her llama to the dentist. So, like, this llama was really grouchy and hissing and spitting (this is the wedding reception llama, not the Sesame Street thing), but later, he seems to warm up to me. And s/he* let me scratch it's head, and then. And Then! The llama put it's head very close to my head and it's fuzzy face-yness rubbed against my face, and I like to think he was whispering to me, "You're my true companion." My actual companions said s/he was probably just thinking about biting my ear.
A tiny baby miniature horse that resisted
being held in my arms like the tiny little baby it is. ):

But these sheep, these sheep were eating out of my hand.

*Honestly, I don't know the sex of the llama, but it was recently pointed out to me that most people assume all animals are male, which is kind of dumb, right?


KHM said...

tres amusing, K; that's what you are!

Alpacas: better fiber AND better natured. That's the way Cedar-something should be going....

dad said...

Your mother and I need to check-out this little Lutheran town least you can get a donut there! (Did you see any ballparks in the area?)

mz said...

K, you are the BEST. truly. and it was SUCH a fun weekend! xo. M