Wednesday, June 23, 2010

silliest cross-stitch project, ever

This is self-proclaimed as the "silliest cross-stitch project, ever" by its maker, who made it to mortify a friend. I have a fondness for smart-ass cross stitch, so I want to make it clear that I'm laughing with this crrrrafter, not at her. There are some funny comments on her blog post about alternate quotes.

And here's another Twilight item of which I fully approve:

These books are really dumb, as I've said many times, but I don't really give a shit if it means a couple of kids (or adults) read a book when they normally wouldn't. It's for sale at the ALA for $16.


floresita said...

Oh, I am loving the Twilight craft series. And I'm glad you're laughing with me. ;) My best friend WAS mortified. And she loved it.

Special K said...

thanks for coming by Floresita! Love your blog!