Sunday, June 27, 2010

Twilight Amigurumi

I hate to poke fun at somebody's amigurumi, but will ya get a load of these guys? I think questionable choices were made in terms of Amigurumi Edward's white yarn body and his yellow eyes, but, if you ask me, his hair is not tousled enough! Jacob, of course, is shirtless, which is appropriate. No abs, I notice... The artist is not a Twilight fan and makes dolls based on lots of different movies, comics and pop culture - read more at OMG, look at her Princess Leia!


kbmulder said...

Yeah, the abs are a definite must on Jacob! Crazier hair needed on Edward.

So, you're going to see Eclipse, right? It's like a love/hate relationship?

Special K said...

Am I going to SEE it? What do you think? (:

Carrie said...

When this screen first popped up, before reading it, I thought you made these. I was going to stage an intervention. I mean, really, someone made these. With their free time. *sigh*