Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'll be your what now?

This disturbs me to no end. I can only assume that the person who might dress a child in this means to imply that the child will grow up and "Be your Edward", although, assuming the child is their own, they don't mean a sensual relationship, or, based on the books, even a jealous, stalking, brooding one. Either way, it's pretty weird.

Alternately, they could mean that the child as a baby will "Be your Edward", thereby essentially being what the adult, presumably the mother, is all-consumed by, which is also pretty creepy. Naturally all of this is a sentiment forced upon a unwitting child and may or may not have anything to do with vampires.

Ah, people do weird shit with their kids, all I can do is sit back and poke fun at them.

A question has arisen in comments: "So, you're going to see Eclipse, right? It's like a love/hate relationship?" It's mostly a hate/hate relationship, but for some reason, I can't tear myself away, hence two weeks of solid blogging about Twilight crafts and merchandising. Oh, I'll BE there, alright! With my own craft-tastic spin-offs! Stay tuned!

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KHM said...

I love your meditations on the implications of a onesie promising to "be your Edward". Its important to really examine these things.