Monday, January 07, 2008


I wasn't the only one who was crafting away at Christmas time! Wanted to share with you these super-cool soy candles made by my friend G. She's a thrift-store shopper extraordinaire and found some really fabulous containers for the candles. I also got some mixed cds from friends C&D - have been incessantly listening to Ingrid Michaelson, Girls and Boys.Now, here's a blast from the past... saw some awesome jewelry made with Shrinky-Dinks on Etsy, and had to run out and buy my own. Here are some of the things I've made so far. Think will turn them into key chains or necklaces. Fun, huh? Hope my da' doesn't mind if I share this poem I wrote for him for Christmas:
You built a house in the tree
with wood from my Grandpa.
It was red, and peeling, and wonderful,
there was a ladder, and a trap door, and a pail
that we used to raise and lower things.
It was everything a tree house should be.

In the summer
we slept in the tree house
with neighborhood kids.
Well, we started the night in the tree,
looking at stars
listening to the silence of a sleeping street.
In the middle of the night,
or maybe nine-thirty in the evening,
we climbed down and went to our beds,

Not along ago,
you and I tried to draw the tree house
The challenge of perspective,
of point-of-view,
was too much.
How did we forget to take a picture
of your creation?

My grandma can barely watch old videos of her family
playing in the lake, tan and beautiful.
She avoids the screen.
“It doesn't capture,” she says, “How wonderful it was.”

Photographs don't tell the whole story.
We had dogs and days with no pictures
but I remember them well.
We never could have captured
how fun it was.


kbmulder said...

Oh, no! I'm crying again from your poem. That is the most beautiful thing. I'm still looking for a picture of the treehouse. I remember at least one night trying to sleep up there. I never did last in the backyard. Got too scared!

Bes said...

That was such an awesome tree house! There are so many memories I will never forget! Every child needs to have a tree house (or live near someone who has one) to spend the summer days in.

Kathy said...

Did your da' love the poem? Its wonderful---

clterry said...

Great poem! I remember nocs in that tree house, your right, I don't think we ever made it through the noc up there, but it still made some great times.

Special K said...

Thanks gals - yeah, I think he liked it!

Anonymous said...

mom said....I was so happy Daddy made the tree house with you all. It was a good sturdy thing and met all the requirements I had for safety. I never cared what you wanted if it was for treehouse supplies because I had such good memories of my treehouse times. My mother was our builder - she knew the value of being up in the air.