Thursday, January 24, 2008

Watcha watchin?

God help me if I'm not spending the morning watching reality tv (free the writers!) I've got a few questions:
1. Are we supposed to believe that that dude's wife had a baby, and then he AND the wife dragged their one day old baby to an American Idol audition?

2. What heads of states do the contestants of Crowned: The Mother of All Pagents think they are going to dine with after winning the dubious prize of a reality tv show about bitchy mothers and daughters lacking even the integrity of say, Miss Teen USA (Poor Carson! How did he end up in the middle of that hot mess?)

3. Why was that mom "humiliated and embarrassed" for kissing her husband and taking her shoes off?

In other weak entertainment news, M and I attempted to watch Cloverfield, which I mistakenly thought was a Godzilla movie, and which I mistakenly called a King Kong movie. It turns out it is neither Godzilla nor King Kong. It is, however, quite similar to The Blair Witch Project, which caused me to throw up all night after I watched it. Part way through the completely handheld Cloverfield I started getting that old feeling again. Lo, did we stumble out of the theatre, moaning and clutching at the wall. Even though the movie was really boring and lame, I still wonder what predictable ending they went with - did they all get dashed to death at the last minute? or did they ride off in a helicopter into an uncertain future? Anybody know?


mike r. said...

Don't tell me the ending. I want to watch the rest of it once it comes out on DVD (or bluray, yeah baby).

I kinda liked it aside from the headache.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the theatres (or theaters?) agree that the movie needs a warning. I saw Blair Witch on an empty stomach and stone cold sober and it made me feel sick and confused. Can't wait for Cloverfield on bluray in my finish basement.

BT in Indy

kbmulder said...

I just read a news story about folks getting sick from the movie. They have started putting up warnings at theaters. I think I will pass on that one.

The Sunday night reality line up on VH1 is killer! Scott Baio having a baby, Peter Brady and his model wife, celebrity rehab with an unfamous Baldwin brother. I got sucked in during an organizing project.

Lyman said...

I didn't see the end of Blair Witch Project and I only lasted 45 min. in Blackhawk Down, needless to say I won't be seeing Cloverfield even though I somewhat admire the advertising campaign.

As far as reality shows I still don't watch much of it save for your sister subjecting me to American Idol (okay, I kind of like it) BUT Celebrity Rehab is pretty good I must say.