Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year, New Baby

Shortly after midnight last night my dad called with the good news that my sister-in-law had (finally, poor thing) given birth to a baby boy. His name is Nathan James and looks cute as a button. Look at that face! They were on the news this morning because he was one of the first babies of the new year (in Indiana). Everyone's doing very well. Think my sister-in-law is a little viking.In my midnight state (post-champagne but pre-flaming shots) I was confused about the date of the birth because I forgot to factor the time change. Had long chat over brunch whether Jan. 1 was a good birthday or not (you know, people with birthdays close to Christmas always complain that no one gives their birthday any special notice). Well, I promise to be a good Auntie and provide both Xmas and birthday presents.

Here's his cover story and some in-depth journalistic coverage about his urine.


Anonymous said...

i am reading your blog.

when are you coming back to AIC? it's been a long time... this week should be slow, which means I will have extra time for chit chat

congrats to your sister!

you have a lot of blogs. which one should i read next?

until next time,

Kathy said...

He is really beautiful! Poor Lyna---that's too long to be pregnant.

I wonder how Nathan James is going to like having his first moments immortalized in video that way...I think that's pretty common for baby boys, anywho...savages from the first moment!

Paula said...

Wow :-) beautiful