Saturday, January 26, 2008

In the News

The Onion has some awesome articles out right now, including Bill Clinton: Screw it, I'm Running for President. You KNOW that's what he's thinking... Area Eccentric Reads Entire Book is hilarious, but even more so when I noticed that the location is Greenwood, Indiana. One of their writers has got to be from IN; it seems to be a frequent locale in the stories. Happened to notice this old article from 2001, Garage Band Actually Believes There Is A 'Terre Haute Sound', which'll be sure to amuse anyone that's ever been a member or observer of the Indiana music scene.

In REAL news, my friend A. is featured in an article in the WaPo: A Colorful Haven for Artists and Activists. Check it out!


Kathy said...

I do miss my DC-livin' days -- I wish the suburbs weren't so damned attractive for family-stuff. Mt. Pleasant, Columbia Heights, Cleveland Park, they're all so wonderful in all the ways this article spells out!

Kathy said...

The Clinton piece is just too funny. So close to the truth, too!