Wednesday, February 06, 2008

February: 2, Special K: 1

I think it's hit the national news that we're suffering some pretty bad weather in Chicago, because "friends" from all over the country have been calling me up to tell me exactly how warm it is in their area. It snowed last week, which I told y'all about, then it snowed a little during the superbowl (3-4 inches). Then about half of all that melted, leaving behind several inches of slush that threatened to invade even the most steadfast of winter boots. It was through this sludge that I trudged downtown to work (for FREE!) yesterday, cursing, at every step, neighbors who had not shoveled their walks, conveniently forgetting that I had not actually shoveled MY walk. Lo, did I pass one kind soul out there shoveling his walk, and did I command my most colloquial of voices and utter, "God bless ya!" He scowled at me, and didst return his own colloquialism, "This is the definition of an uphill battle" saith he.

All of this might not have been such a drag if I did not, in fact, have an interview yesterday. One wants to arrive looking fresh and professional, not slightly soggy with hat head, in giant, wet boots, wearing a crumpled suit jacket. It snowed all day, if you can call the beady pellets of ice that fell from the sky "snow". By the time I got home what we had was approximately one foot of snow on top of 3 inches of sludge. I shoveled immediately.

This morning I heard the depressing news that the sun has shown in Chicago for a total of 11 minutes this month. Eleven. Minutes. Damn you, February!


Kathy said...

I can only say how really truly sorry I am because that does suck. I would happily take all your nasty weather would it spare you, 'cuz we ain't going anywhere anyway!

I hope the interview went well?

Caitlin said...

What? What's all this about an interview?!?