Monday, February 18, 2008

If Carrie Picked the Oscars

For the second year in a row, I haven't seem too many nominees. There was a lot of blood running this year, and I am a bit more squeamish than I used to be. No matter- if I could cast a ballot, I'd pick...

Best Actor
Remi, Ratatouille. That little blue rat (an his artist creator) captured all my attention with his wide range of emotion and truthful performance

Best Supporting Actor
Phillip Seymore Hoffman, Charlie Wilson's War. I just love that guy; I'm sure I'll agree with my decision when I see the movie through Netflix

Best Actress
Ellen Page, Juno. I only buy one DVD a year, and this will be it. In a year with not much going on in the theatres (without blood) I was happy this movie was out there.

Best Supporting Actress
Jennifer Garner, Juno. I think I may have liked her performance more than Page's. This is a sentimental vote. I love when I can see my emotions mirrored in someone's performance. Like that scene when she feels the baby, or she's talking about what the book says about painting the nursery, you get the idea.

Best Director and Picture
Atonement. This was a beautifully crafted film. I thought it would be another sappy love story (and that would have been fine) but there was this awesome twist and then another interesting turn. I didn't see anything coming- I love that.


kbmulder said...

Loved Jennifer Garner's character!! I can see a little of myself in her, too (i.e. going overboard about babies). Jason Bateman was a jerk in that movie. I usually like him.

Kathy said...

I'm going to see Juno in about an hour, with my totally kick-ass husband and Valentine. Can NOT wait.

Special K said...

Garner's character is interesting because you slowly find out that she has some real depth, and instead of being suspicious of Juno, she's really trying to protect her.

Kathy said...

verrrrry interesting; I didn't think Bateman's character was a jerk. I just thought he discovered he wasn't in the same place his wife was---at a really inopportune time. The thing with Juno could have been skeezy but she was so in charge of herself...