Monday, February 25, 2008

Green Week

It's green week on Agoraphobia, and for no good reason (aside from, you know, like trying to make the world a better place) I'm gonna blog about green stuff all week. Lately I've been having some problems with cleaning products. Whenever I cleaned, I got a really scratchy throat and felt kind of sick from the fumes. So, I did some research and it turns out you can clean your entire house with vinegar. VINEGAR! You can get like a gallon for about 4 bucks (you want White Distilled), so it's a major savings. I just waited until my reg. cleaner ran out and filled it with half vinegar, half water. For those of you worried about killing germs - rest assured it gets the job done. Something about the acidity level.

Don't worry, it won't stink up your house with the smell of vinegar. Sure, it smells for a sec when you spray it on, but then it goes away. For sure it doesn't linger like nasty household cleaners you get off the shelf. It's also cool because now instead of having a bunch of different cleaners under the sink, I've just got a big jug of vinegar.

BTW, if you clean your windows and mirrors with vinegar (you certainly can!), the first time you'll need to clean them with a bit of soap and water because Windex leaves a residue on the surface that streaks, so you just have to clean it off the one time.


Kathy said...

Vinegar is also good as a laundry additive---brightening and reducing odor---

My household cleaning arsenal also includes baking soda--its a gentle abrasive plus it oxidizes (I use it to scrub pans, scour tubs, all that...) a bit... teamed with vinegar---need nothing else, really.

Anonymous said...

So the oscar's ended up giving all the awards away to the foreiners - that was interesting. It was hard for the bloody stuff not to win as they were nominated for everything, still. Daniel Day Lewis impressed me so in The Last of the Mohicans and I know the trailers I saw for his film were INTENSE (I do think Mike's long hair is nicer). I loved the french girl who said "there are angels in this city" very sweet.
I don't want to talk about cleaning. I hate to clean. I took a kleenex and ran it along the floor behind the bathroom door the other day and got enough hair (human and cat) and dust to stuff a coffee cup. If I could figure out how to attach eyes and whiskers on that wad I could market it as a toy for pets.
Dad's way of going green is use his own concoction of salt and water as a nasal spray instead of buying cold remedies. I should really call it a nasal "snuff" as he has to snort or snuff it up his nostrills to apply. Really a delightful way to end and begin each day. I leave you on this pleasant note.
love, ma

Special K said...

Daddy needs a nettie pot!

Kathy said...

Penny needs a Roomba!

kbmulder said...

Thanks, Special K! I just cleaned the shower this weekend and had a bad reaction to the fumes (scratchy throat). I will use vinegar next time, that makes a lot of sense. I do remember my dad cleaning the coffee pot with vinegar, but it did stink the kitchen up when he did it.

mike r. said...

Ok, the vinegar is a bit smelly IMO, but it is survivable. :)

K, are you going to tell them all about the laundry?

Kathy said...

that's probably why I use vinegar so successfully; I totally love the smell of it. In fact, when I was a laboratory kind of person, I used to just looooove this one procedure we would do 'cuz we used very concentrated glacial acetic acid....yummm.