Thursday, February 14, 2008

Young again

Last night M and I actually went to a CLUB and watched a BAND, an activity we haven't engaged in for lo these many years. Back in MY day (the mid-nineties) we didn't stand around in smoke-free bars, waving our cellphones back and forth. Of course, also back in my day, we didn't have a lovely 3 course meal at a French restaurant, followed by REAL absinthe.
With wormwood and everything. Wee!

The band was Freezepop, and it was really fun. Not one Keytar but two. Never have I seen it played with such grace. Back in my day, drummers sat surrounded by untold numbers of drums and cymbals, but apparently all they do today is poke the buttons of a small plastic machine with their fingers. Freezepop's songs are ironic and kind of post-80s Euro-dance (can you tell I have no idea what I'm talking about?) M. and I were trying to describe the quality of the lead singers voice - look, I'm really not good at writing about non-visual things like food and music - I came up with, "She sings like she's not trying" and M. said, "It's like she doesn't care?" Which doesn't sound good, but actually, we both really love her voice. I thought they had a great attitude, jumping into the crowd and borrowing cameras to take pictures of the audience, letting the kids in the front row bang on the keytar like a bunch of monkeys. For some reason they closed the show with a couple of goofy covers, like The Final Countdown, which always reminds me of Gob, from Arrested Development, who reminds me of my brother. I couldn't believe all the youngsters knew the words!


Lyman said...

Its so weird to see kids into these indie 80s-influenced synth bands.

Laura W. said...

Hey, how did your interview go??? THAT's what I want to know. =)

Laura W. said...

I also want to know how the absinthe went too... =)~

Special K said...

The interview went well, but I nevertheless did not get the job. :P

The absinthe was fun - I did *not* see the green fairy, but I did get a nice buzz. It's really licorice-y, which is not my favorite flavor, but it's just such a production of a drink!