Thursday, June 26, 2008

Goings on

Today when I was at the gym Spa I saw two people talking on their cell phones as they worked out. Can you imagine? If I ever call a devoted reader whilst huffing away on the treadmill, I encourage you to hang up on me immediately.

I know fans of What's in My Garden? will be sorely disappointed to hear that we largely know what's in our garden now. It's finally shaping up to be the outdoor wonderland that we always imagined, however lacking in hot tub it may be. Soon I will post a picture of our rambling fence rose to prove my point. Now I am merely faced with the problem of wishing my neighbor would clean up their yard so that it doesn't mar the view. Does anyone have any tips on how to ask one's neighbor to weed and cut down trees that are growing out of the fence on their side?

We plan on being deep in tomatoes and basil before long, and you know what that means: bruschetta! Until then, we more than satisfy ourselves with this lovely crostini:
Slice baguette, smear with olive oil, and toast.

Roast beet (wrap in foil, throw in oven for about 30-45 mins), dice and mix with herb (I like oregano) and salt.

Spread toasted baguette with goat cheese. Spoon on beets. Wonder if tomato bruschetta's all that.


clterry said...

Brian and I love bruschetta. We order it an an appetizer every time we can.

I thought we might see you Curb Appeal make over of the front.

Thanks for the recipe, I will have to try that.

Kathy said...

if it has goat cheese, its got to be good!

Glad you're having fun at the Spa..

kbmulder said...

Oh, your tomato brushetta is all that!!! After we had it at your place, I started making it at home. We'd eat a whole thing of it just for dinner.

dad said...

Going back to an evening a few years ago in San Francisco at a Giants baseball game vs. the LA Dodgers, as we sat in left/centerfield about 8 to 10 rows up from the outfield wall, we had some fans that night that wanted to talk on the phone...during the GAME!!!!!...can you believe that?....but anyway, being the loyal baseball fans that we were, everyone (or at least a lot of us) started chanting..GET OFF THE PHONE...GET OFF THE PHONE... Kelly, wouldn't that same chant work at the Spa? I think it would, tell a friend or two what you'll do and have them join in also, you'll be a HIT!