Monday, June 09, 2008

Obama for President!

As you know, I was hoping Clinton would win the nomination, but, obviously, like her, I now throw my (considerable) support behind Obama. I never had anything against him, in fact I think he's pretty amazing, I just hoped that Clinton would win. I was depressed for a few days that we won't see a woman president just yet, and how misogynist the media coverage and reaction to HC was throughout her campaign. Also, after eight grueling years with the Bush administration, I was looking forward to some Clinton antics in the White House once more (Bill, all is forgiven!) I think we all missed out on something pretty amazing - I mean, Bill Clinton as the First Laddy would have been a treat.

I am excited, however, by the promise that Michelle Obama will be the most kick ass First Lady this country has ever seen (Suck it, Dolly Madison!) Don't you think so?


Kathy said...

me, too, Kelly, me, too. I'm recovering but I do think Obama will be great and his lovely wife will certainly kick ass.

Its an exciting time for young-ish Democrats, isn't it?

Lyman said...

Don't get too excited about Obama, you're likely to hear some backlash around these parts.

It is an exciting time. But for some reason I can't get as excited about an Obama/Clinton ticket as much as I can an Obama/Edwards ticket. I think its because I think Hillary is more suited to be a 'rule-the-roost' type of politician (and I mean that in a good way).

Anonymous said...

I've been for Obama since Edwards became the third wheel. However, Lyman's right that Senator Clinton is not VP material: you need someone that wouldn't threaten to overshadow Obama, and having the Bill Clinton circus involved would probably do just that. I do wish the Clinton campaign would back Obama nominating another woman for veep, instead of opposing it. So, it'll probably be a Jim Webb or Bob Graham type.
I do think Michelle Obama could be the best first lady since, I don't know, Eleanor Roosevelt?
The line that has kept me in stitches about Michelle & Barack's fist bump: Fox News' lead-in description of it as a "terrorist fist jab"
They're really scraping the bottom of the barrel already.

Kathy said...

so guys--I posed this question on my blog that seems to be ignored because of the excitement over at The Backbeat... What is the proper/most exciting role for Sen. Clinton now? She's formidable, she brings so much to the leadership and I have mixed feelings about her as a VEEP---but if not that, what? Back to building a strong career as a kick-ass Senator?

Anonymous said...

She actually has a great opportunity to influence the future health care coverage bills & also to be "Labor's Lion" after her convincing positioning in Pennsylvania & Ohio.
That's an opportunity open for Sen. Clinton to be a Ted Kennedy-esque defender of the working class, if she really does care enough to step up and seize it.

Anonymous said...

My only concern with someone being a "Labor Lion" these days are they could raise salaries beyond there naturally entended levels in their business markets. Lets see how that helps anyone when jobs are cut on a maturing or introduction period of a product cycle and outsourced. The best idea would be to raise the power of the dollar and add more tax incentives for people making less than 200K. Besides people making that much aren't really that rich and nor are those in jobs/careers that have a capping of salaries. So help a brother out and knock a few 00s off my tax bill.

dad said...

"Obama for PRESIDENT!" I STILL HAVE TO THINK SOME MORE ON THAT. Can Hillary run as an Independent for president?