Sunday, June 08, 2008


Woo! What a weekend! We saw tons of friends, celebrated my friend D's birthday, and today M and I went downtown to go to the annual Printer's Row Book Fair (where Augusten Burroughs was speaking - that jackhole owes me 14.99 and about 6 hours of my life back). So, we take the train downtown and the minute we step out onto the sidewalk, a torrential downpour commences.

I was talking with a friend the other day about how misleading the term "Global Warming" is - especially to those douchebag types that, over our very cold winter were all, "You call this Global Warming yuk yuk yuk" A better term, IMHO, is Global Weather Eff-Up, which is how I shall refer to it henceforth. I mean, you don't call a Plague of Locusts a Grasshopper Influx. Global Weather Eff-Up is the reason for that outrageously miserable winter, the reason it snowed that day in May, the reason we didn't have a spring, and went from wearing winter coats one day to to turning on the air conditioning the next.

So, anyway, it starts pouring down rain (which may or may not be attributable to the G.W.E-U), like you've never seen before, and we run back in the train station, which has glass walls all across the front, and outside we see these poor souls running around, like they're trying to outrun the cold in The Day After Tomorrow. So much for the outdoor book fair. We waited (a long time) for a slight break and then jumped in a cab and headed for the W Hotel and the bar.

I forgot to post this video I made for my friend D on his birth day - sorry this is a bit late!


Kathy said...

Devin's a lucky dude; I'll have to try my hand at movie making, too. Nicely done!

Anonymous said...

Thank You Thank You!

Very Cool... And how did you get find that dead ringer for me -and my dancing style?