Thursday, June 12, 2008

Working for the weekend?

I had a thought on Tues, which was, "Oh my God, it's only TUESDAY?!" and then I got kind of stern with myself, and I said, "Self, we must learn to appreciate each day." I feel like I can get into a bad habit of considering days that I work sort of not-me days, then, what do I do but lose 5/7th of my life, right? Do other people have this problem?

M and I have been amusing ourselves this week by becoming ridiculously addicted to LOLCat. There seems to be something for everyone, even LoTR nerds (I mean, "fans"):

But this is the official favorite for our family:

In other cat and existential news, I encourage you to create a "Cat Lady", as I intend to do, and enter this contest with me.

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dad the cat h.... said...

I only hate certain days, especially when I have a bad job at work....and I hate bad jobs! But I do believe everyone loves the weekends (sometimes even when you have to work one of the two days..yuck!). Now back to....LoLCat & CatLady, don't some people have better things to do with there life, but as you and almost everyone else knows where a cat rates to me on a scale of 1 to 1,000,000,000, with 1 being low. But everyone to their own thing. I do have to admit that some of that stuff was pretty original. What was the theme song to the movie "BATMAN"?... Or was it "CATMAN"(or "CATLADY"?) As host Bob Barker of THE PRICE IS RIGHT always said,(besides telling the contestant to "Spin the Wheel")... Neuter and Spade your animals (or something like that!)....Good Bye &.. MEOW!