Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I am in deep with crrrrrrfts right now - here's something I made over the weekend with a little help from my mom - we had so much fun sewing together in my sewing/guest room. This one was a family project with help from M as well, who made the template for the numbers. I ironed those on using that iron-on adhesive stuff.

I'd seen a lot of designs for advent calendars but, frankly, I like mine the best. The pockets are 4" high and 20" wide, then I just sewed up between the numbers to make the pockets and sewed on the ribbon and felt flaps. Mom had the idea to put on tassels and I think they look great.


dad said...

Nice work....those 2 little nephews of yours will really enjoy each day as they go by as it gets closer to Christmas Day!

Anonymous said...

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