Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Item! Music and fashion

Item! When we were in France, I was hot on the lookout for trends because I am, as you know, a total trendster. Alas, no glaring French trends jumped out at me beside fancy tights which I already knew about and, you know, all-black outfits, the de rigor uniform of the city girl. Do you want to hear something AWESOME???? One day, we were in the Pompidou, and this girl took a picture of my legs (because I had on super-cool tights and an all-black outfit, natch). I didn't see it but M told me and then I got REALLY EXCITED!

We went to a Virgin Megastore (I thought those were totally extinct!) - we used to love going to the VM in SF because they had all those listening stations. Anyway, I found this CD by The Constant, I Blame Coco, which I really love. Update: my fave song is probably SelfMachine - here's a link to the video and info on this Coco. Hint: it's not Conan O'Brien.

Then I saw this video once in a bar (Plan B, She Said). But, I can't seem to buy the song on iTunes. SUCK!

This song (Camelia Jordana, Calamity Jane) is really sweet, I love that little melody. Her voice kind of reminds me of Gillian Welch.
I also heard a few song by this band called Coeur De Pirate, but I can't decide if I like them or not.

Oh, snap! Did you see that boys-school Teenage Dream song on Glee? O.M.G.

My other hot French tip is ham and cheese sandwiches on baguette with butter. You heard it here! (:


KHM said...

Fun! Perhaps M could take a picture of that outfit and tights to be shared here so we know what French girls admire in American girls who are emulating French girls... :)

Also, I was 10, I tell you, when I learned that there was nothing you could do to a baguette with unsalted butter in France that would make it less than the most perfect thing in the world. Even if when it was all over you were going to have to get back in the back seat of a 1968 Chevrolet Impala with three other adolescents (and no air conditioning) to drive miles and miles until we stopped to rest by way of wilderness camping.... oh, a fresh baguette with butter is divinity itself. Ham and cheese? Wow--that's gotta be great!

Special K said...

that's so cool you grew up in Europe. Who knew they have Chevy Impalas there? But, I thought you would be more interested in the music, did you listen?

KHM said...

Camelia Jordan: you're right--very sweet melody. I wonder if I'd like it quite so much if, 1) her pronunciation of "calamity" weren't so charming, 2)I weren't currently completely in love with the cabaret-ish accordion sound of Patty Griffin's Mil Besos (which I think is intended to be Mariachi-like but I totally hear cabaret accordion...), or 3) had a recent torrid fling with Pink Martini. Still, I would have bought this tune if it were available on iTunes. SUCK.

No samples of I Blame Coco on the Amazon hyperlink... want to hear!

I don't know yet what I think of Plan B. It has some cool pop-culture appeal with its retro visual references; I like that. I need more listening to figure out what the song is. See? Its tough to be me. There's a lot to sort through...

Truthfully, I've been fighting the music purchase demon. Like a vampire, I impose fasts before the blood is spilled. Christmas is coming and I've gotta be hungry so there are goods under the tree, ya know? Putting all this intrigue in front of me...what's a girl to do?

Special K said...

(: My goodness, that is a bit complicated. Although, I completely agree with you about her pronunciation of "Calamity" with the accent on the "ity" and often questioned if that is why I like it so much as well.

Oh, I love Patty Griffin and Pink Martini!