Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm not kidding you

Had a lovely little weekend with my husband ... We saw Harry potter, which I thought was great. Really exciting and moody - thanks to my terrible memory I was like omg! What's going to happen?????? Also totes gorg shots of England ... Reminded me of when I went to England myself and drove around the countryside.

Also bought some shoes... I'm not kidding you... These shoes.... These shoes are going to make you cry when you see them on my feet. One pair is sandals, which is mildly outrageous considering where I live and it's the eve of winter but they wre too perfect and we will most likely go on that all-too-important visit to a warm weather location sometime in February in order to actually a make it through the aforementioned winter.

I'm working on a lot of crrrrafts right now and finally managed to finish one today- a scrapbook of my trip to Bangladesh. That only took... 17 years!

Hope you have a fab thanksgiving. We're cooking up a ridik menu at casa Roark. Oh my. More later.


KHM said...

great language today! Can't wait to see your crrrrrafts!

dad said...

Can't wait to see your scrapbook of Bangladesh. That must have brought back some great memories for you. I can remember us sending you off at the airport. (Not a dry eye around us!) See you soon. Love Dad