Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving weekend

Well, for Thanksgiving I made a goose, mostly because I was inspired by Two Fat Ladies who made one ages ago. None of our party had ever had one before, and we were all quite delighted with the way it turned out.

The other exciting thing I made was a liver paté, which was disgusting to make (boiled livers!) but the results were also delicious (and quite cost effective, I might add)! Here's my plate, pre-brussels sprouts, I notice, and pre-goose gravy, which G handily whipped up. She's the sort of person you can ask to make the gravy and she says, "Gravy! No problem!"

And here's that goose:

And here's G & G:

We went downtown to do a tiny bit of shopping (although I think I just bought things for myself! Whoops!) Macy's windows are pretty boring this year - Yes, Virginia, which I think is merely a desperate plea to validate the newspaper industry. And we had lunch at the Italian Village, one of my favorite restaurants downtown, where my mom made the shocking disclosure that they had the "best lasagna [she'd] ever had".

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dad said...

AWESOME looking food for a Thanksgiving Feast! Sorry I missed it. Beautiful setting at the table. And some happy faces on a little trip to Downtown Chicago.(Nice picture of K & M) And yes; she is still talking about the "best lasagna she's ever had"!