Monday, November 15, 2010

Glee (Spoilers) (from last week)

So, you know last week on Glee (yeah, I write about shows that are a week old because I'm on top of stuff)? I totally loved that song Teenage Dream by the local hoity-toity-zero-tolerance-policy-all-boys-school. The original is catchy too, I didn't know that song... BUT, the whole bit with Coach Beiste was so gaggy. First, it's like, Schuester finds out the kids are imagining her as a cold-shower replacement when they're too excited. Then he's all SHE MUST NEVER KNOW ABOUT THIS and then he's all THE KIDS ARE TOTALLY IMAGINING YOU WHEN THEY'RE FOOLING AROUND BECAUSE THEY THINK YOU'RE DISGUSTING. So, A.) I find it very unlikely that a grown woman, who works in a school, would give two shits about whether a bunch of teenagers find her attractive and B.) I was all, Don't you kiss her Will Schuester, even though she just told you she's never been kissed, DON'T YOU DO IT, YOU SONNUFABITCH! And then he kisses her, and I was like... God, I hate that guy. And C.) all the boys sing a "we're sorry" song and she's like, aww, that's nice, kind of????????? No.

Sometimes I think that show is really smart, but sometimes it's really idiotic. I want to mock Schuester and his stupid hair like I'm Sue Silvester. Basically I just want them to sing one song after another and lay off the preachy stuff (although I'm interested to see where they go with the bullying angle, but I don't have that much faith that they will NOT screw it up). I do not have high hopes for Gweneth Paltrow episode. BTW, why is Gweneth suddenly a (country western?) singer? We have not forgotten Duets, Gweneth. No, we have not.


dad said...

I'm going to stick with watching ballgames!...(Enjoy your shows!)

Caitlin said...

I couldn't agree more, my friend!! Nice sum-uppance! :D

KHM said...

I'm with you, K. The Bieste bit: bad, bad, bad. GP: perhaps worse. Having watched it I can tell you: there's little to anticipate this week.

Except perhaps this: there was less of the every-high-school-kid-is-always-engaging-in-near-sexual activity that seems pretty pervasive in the whole series. I wanna know: how come these kids all have access to empty classrooms and unsupervised bedrooms in their parents' homes? That certainly was not my experience of teenage romance. What ever daring was mustered was seriously limited by opportunity for privacy (dammit!). So while I don't expect TV to be the real world, it would be nice if I could watch a show about high school with my middle schooler without having to talk about extreme misrepresentation of teen romance. Just me?