Saturday, November 06, 2010

it went like this

Me: Hey Sweetheart, did you know Uncle M was a Frenchman for Halloween?
Adorable Nephew: WHAT? Uncle M was a FIRE ENGINE?!
Me: Ha ha ha!
Adorable Nephew: Why are you laughing?
Me: Because that's so funny! Uncle M was a French man. A man from France! Not a fire engine. Ha ha ha!
Adorable Nephew: HA HA HA!
Adorable Nephew: HAHAHAHA!
Sister: That's enough, you two.


Carrie said...

Why am I always the stick in the mud? I was laughing too!

Special K said...

Nope, you're the bad guy.

KHM said...

Oh, he's adorable. And Carrie is no stick in the mud. She just wanted to be included!