Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Baby it's cold outside

This morning I trudged to the Art Institute in what appeared to be 3 feet of snow and 20 mph winds. Why, you might ask, haven't they offered me a job yet? Who could be more devoted? No one, that's who. Ah, well. Despite the fact that walking down the street would be greatly improved with snow shoes, and it's cold, and hard to see, I found myself having a great day today - it's the kind of snow that makes you feel like a kid again. This morning M. and I picked out our favorite snowflakes as they landed on my red wool coat - real, perfect, practically unique, gothic snowflakes! What a morning! We saw a neighbor kid walk out of his house and immediately throw himself face-first in the snow!

I felt a sort of camaraderie with my fellow Chicagoans - it's like, "Oh, Baby! THIS is what it's like to live in Chicago!" We were all grimacing and grinning at each other in this gay parade that we call life. I was standing on the corner of Michigan Avenue, sort of back from the curb so I didn't get splashed by a bus or pushed into oncoming traffic by the wind, and I thought, "Wow. All the choices I've made in my life have lead to this moment: me, standing in the miserable cold, up to my knees in snow!" What could I do but laugh?


kbmulder said...

I'm stuck inside with another snow day. I liked snow days much better in small towns where you could walk to anywhere, and places like DC where it was more pedestrian friendly. Have you done any sledding? Enjoy!

Caitlin said...

I'll see your "baby it's cold outside," and raise you "the weather outside is frightful."

Apparently, plowing the streets is not something we do in Evanston.

Special K said...

Right? Never fear, streets are also not cleaned in The City. BTW, how screwed up is that song, "Baby it's cold outside?" I mean, it's basically about date rape.

kbmulder said...

I like the version of that song with Zoey Deschanel from Elf, but the man singing on the CD is like 70. Gross!! Yes, now that you mention it, he does put alot of pressure on her in that song.