Monday, February 05, 2007

Superbowl Recap

Well, my Indiana friends and family are pretty pleased with the outcome of the Superbowl last night. Here's an email I got from my dad:
K, How about that game? Hope your crowd was great and had a good time! Did any of them write a poem for the Colts victory? Would you do me a favor please and get me a Chicago newspaper on monday, I would appreciate it very much! I think L. got pretty wet...but i don't think he cared. Gotta go to bed......Love Dad (Colts championship parade and rally tomorrow!)
I did not write a poem for the win, but I did write one more rhythm for our party:
We are the R__s and we like to eat
Our favorite foods are cheese and meat!
If you’re a vegetarian, that’s ok too,
We’ll cook up some rabbit food for you!
Go Colts! Go Bears! We hope you BRING IT!
As for who wins, who gives a darn?
My friend G. did a better job at explaining the whole like, point of football than any I'd previously heard, although there was a lot of Ho Ho Ho-ing from a certain husband who suddenly knows all about football. Her, I think, rather apt explanation of ... I forget what it's called, but how, like, if the team is on the fourth of its fourth tries, and they get scared they're not going to make it to their "down," then they can kick the ball as far as they can - makes sense. "Live-ball fouls not penalized as dead-ball fouls when the ball is loose shall be penalized from the basic or previous spot" does not make sense.

Which reminds me - this is hilarious:
A football Halftime pep talk given by someone who knows nothing about football - Namely, Me

A few days ago I posted a picture of the Art Institute's lions with their special headgear - here's my interpretation of Chicago-at-large today:
Mike ran to the store before our party and I asked him to pick up some decorations. He came back with these Bears tissues, which came in handy.

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Anonymous said...

A COLTS FAN SAY'S: Just one box of tissues? Couldn't have been enough! What a rally that was held monday at the RCA Dome, you know that is the home of the INDIANAPOLIS COLTS-SUPER BOWL CHAMPS......was able to get down on the field; was it LOAD!!!!! I got a couple of inerviews also, one was from John Standford, went to Monrovia High School and on to Purdue University where he set many receiving records, both Purdue and also Big Ten records. It was fun talking to the many news people and the photographers, many who had been to the Super Bowl, lots of stories. As we say in Indiana.......GO COLTS!!!!