Monday, February 05, 2007

This would be cool if

This would be really cool if Tyra actually stood behind her convictions - but even this short clip betrays the hypocrisy that rules everything that comes out of her mouth. She seems to be saying, in the longer clip, that the famous "fat" photo has been manipulated by the tabs - if it has (and that seems likely) - why not call it out? But at the same time that Tyra is desperately trying to show us that she's not "fat" (and, in fact, going on the Larry King show and People magazine to further declare how not "fat" she is), she's slinging around her typical double-speak about self-acceptance. It's like she's saying, It's ok to look like this, BUT I DO NOT LOOK LIKE THIS! And to prove it, I'M STANDING HERE IN A BATHING SUIT! Obviously, she's nowhere near fat, she didn't need to drag out her suit in February to tell us that. She's 5' 10" and says her weight fluctuates between 145-160 lbs. That's perfectly healthy for a woman of her height.

What would be amazing would be if Tyra actually stood behind the convictions that she seems pretty close to espousing here, but, instead, she perpetuates the very culture of unhealthy weights in women that she claims to despise. What would be awesome would be if she actually took real steps promote so-called plus-sized women on America's Next Top Model (so far the women that were considered plus-size on that show were about size 10 or 12) instead of booting them off the show one after another for "lack of personality". What would be so great, would be if Tyra came out explained that tabloids exist because people support them and if people stopped reading them they'd go away and then, people actually did it.


Caitlin said...
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Caitlin said...

I don't think ANTM's plus sizes are 10-12, I think they're like 6-8. It's insane and scary. Oh yeah, so is Tyra!

Anonymous said...

LOLOL. Tyra is a nutcase. But I think she is grappling with her transition from Top Model to regular person. The vanity gained from being a Top Model does not go away overnight. She is saying, "I am still the ish but it is okay if you are not." Seems like her show always plays this game.