Monday, February 19, 2007

If Carrie Picked the Oscars

My first special guest for "If We Picked the Oscars" is my sister, Carrie. She's set, as they say, to pop, and I only hope she can wait until I get to California Tues. evening to have her baby. -Special K

Before I forget, let me thank The Academy... oh yeah, they forgot to send me my ballot this year. I do want to thank Special K for including me in this year's panel for "If we picked the Oscars." Considering I'm giving birth any day now, this may be the last year I will have seen so many of the official nominees. While I may have seen many of the nominated films and performances, it was generally a bummer year for me at the box office. Listen Hollywood, if you can't get me- someone who finished her master's program, teaches public school which comes with more than average time off, has a husband who travels a good deal of the year leaving her with her dog and loves to eat popcorn for lunch- out to the box office then you have a lot of explaining to do.

Never-the-less, here are my picks...

Best Actress
On this one, I am going to side with the real Academy and go with Ms. Mirren as The Queen. She gave me what I look for in all great performances- empathy. Kirsten Dunst did the same for Marie Antoinette (but she got to wear those beautiful clothes and eat chocolates during the whole filming- isn't that reward enough?). Both women made you feel for them in their situation and not judge their behavior or at least judge them from their vantage point which in both monarchies seemed rather limited.

Best Actor
I have only seen the performance of one actor in this category, and no one else stands out for me other than these five (again, Hollywood, come on!) so I'm going with Will Smith because I love him and have what my husband calls a jungle fever crush. The actual film, The Pursuit of Happiness was a let down lacking a strong supporting cast with anything to say or do, but it left my Will to shine and make this hormonal mommy-to-be cry cathartic tears more than once while sitting next to my snoozing husband.

Best Supporting Actress
Those girls from Babel are the trophy winners here- Adriana Barraza and Rinko Kikuchi. Although they are technically lead actresses in their own smaller segments of screenplay writer's (what's his name?) tell-tale style of movie narrative, they both knocked me out with their sensitive portrayals of confusion and loss leading to their heartbreak and, as a result, mine.

Best Supporting Actor
Here it has to be Alan Arkin in his warm and fuzzy Grandfather portrayal in Little Miss Sunshine. He made me smile the whole time. What more can I ask for?

Best Picture
This one goes to forgotten and largely unseen Miss Potter. I loved this film! I waited for it, saw it opening weekend and was not disappointed. For me, it gave me everything I want- period costumes (even a little gritty, grimy hair and shiny make-up-free skin in the fashion of Victorians), appropriate accents, literary foundation, love story, tears and a happy ending.

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Devin said...

Thanks for joining in, Carrie!

Little Miss Sunshine was great. I haven't seen any of the others, but I was kinda down on movies in general this year. 2007 did seem like a bit of a bummer at the box office.