Thursday, March 13, 2008

The days continue in a sunny, warm blur of a sweet young nephew and the (requisite) afternoon cocktail. C and I amuse ourselves with American Idol - was sad to see whathisname go last night, but mostly just because he looks like the type of guy I would have liked to make out with in college.

Oh, here's a funny story - my brother and my dad's birthdays were this past Monday (Happy Birthday!) - I told my dad on the phone that M and I had gotten him tickets to see the Cubs soon. So, he asks me, "Do you know who they're playing?" and I say, "Yeah, the Patriots."
He says, "How about the Padres?" and I say, "Maybe. I think it starts with a 'P'."
He says, "Well, honey, the Patriots are a football team."

Turns out it's the Pirates, Daddy-o! Hope that'll be fun.


caitlin said...

Did you watch the end of Project Runway yet? I haven't caved...but I'm dangerously close. :) If you've already watched it, I'm going for it!

I miss you and I love you!!

Kathy said...

K, you're precisely the kind of sports fan I admire. Vaguely aware. Nice. Coupled with your SF Giants gear for the Superbowl... you're never *too* zealous. Pitch Perfect, as it were.

And the requisite cocktails would be....?

Oh good god, K; David H looks like a gay guy (not that there's anything wrong with that). Did you make out with guys who looked gay in college? And he could NOT sing.

Special K said...

Did you make out with guys who looked gay in college?
Yeah, totally - doesn't everyone? (:

Kathy said...

I think that if pursued ambitiously, college should include much indiscriminate making out but I tended to stay away from boys that might be more pretty than myself...