Friday, March 07, 2008


Well, the big news is that a certain nephew took his FIRST STEPS last night! My sister was darned excited and so was I when I realized what was going on. He took about three steps to C. out on the patio, then he did it again inside about half and hour later, then a bit later he took approximately five steps. We should try to catch it on film since the old man's out of town... But, if you want to picture it in your mind, it looks something like a miniature King Kong lurching toward his mother.

My visit to the poolside resulted in an early-March sunburn. Not to bad but I'm a little pink, my skin having been completely deprived of sun for lo, these many months. I think I'm going to head out and get a nice California burrito for lunch.


kbmulder said...

Oh how lucky to be there when he starts to walk. Hope you do catch it on video! Baby King Kong is right, I've heard other people describe the walk as a baby Herman Munster.

Lyman said...

I can't believe that little butthead couldn't wait a couple of weeks.

Caitlin said...

Early March sunburn!! GRRRRR!!
Thanks for your call last night!! I think I've just been way over tired. :)
It's 20 degrees here. Get the hell back to the pool! Do it for me.