Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Today I listened to a really great This American Life called Testosterone. TAL is simply a MUST-HAVE 'cast for your 'pod, yo. There's a bit where they interview a dude who used to be a woman and got massive doses of testosterone, and then everyone on the show had their levels tested and were shocked by the results. It's so interesting how people perceive the relationship between testosterone and manliness. Of course, I think gender is merely a construct, but I still found the show crazy interesting.

Watched the How I Met Your Mother with Britney. There seems to be a bit of buzz about how she didn't suck. I thought she was as good as any high school theatre actor. Apparently the national bar is very low, Britney! And why can't Alyson Hannigan just be Willow?

In American Idol News, I really dug Jason Castro's Fragile, and I really liked WhatshisName Cook's Billy Jean (I almost know their names now!) Ugh, how about Dingaling singing I'm Proud to Be An American... uh... what? Let that be a lesson to all of us - if you're a no-talent singer on a national show and about to be kicked off, just pull out a jingoistic song about freedom and ask them to put a humongous American flag behind you for the whole thing.

Seriously, does anyone know how they choose the songs and make the arrangements? Surely these kids don't do it all by themselves in a week, right? You know what drives me absolutely bats? How those girls in the front wave their arms back and forth. If two of them are on the same beat, may I be struck by lightening right now... (still here.) They look like a bunch of dang sea monkeys.


Kathy said...

I didn't like Castro or Whatshisname Cook. And I damn sure didn't like blonde jigglemeister singing the patriotic pablum and grabbing the cheap vote. Next week? She's gone, baby; gone!

I also listened to the Testosterone segment on TAL earlier this week and it was REALLY fabulous. I used to think gender was mostly a social construct but then I married Rob and we had kids...well, now I'll say its largely a social construct but there's definite biology operating there...

Caitlin said...

I listened to that program too, and now I really want to measure my testosterone. And Devin's too! We should make Devin and Mike battle it out!

Special K said...

Oh, nononono, Ira Glass said it's a very bad idea to try that at home.

Carrie said...

I hate those arm waving people in the front on Idol. I don't know how any singers can stand it!