Monday, March 17, 2008


What a whirlwind of holidays - first it was Pi Day (3.1415927) on 3/14 (M. and his coworkers celebrated with a piece of pie at 1:59 last year), then the Ides of March, now St. Patrick's Day, which is something of a ridiculous holiday in Chicago. It's not unusual for people to take off the day after St. Patty's Day, anticipating a serious hangover. St. Patty's always sneaks up on me, but old school Chicagoans anticipate it like Christmas.

Yesterday we went to the Kara Walker Retrospective at the Hammer Museum - great show.

This morning Milo seemed really interested in my coffee, so I held it so he could investigate. He stuck his hand in and then licked his hand (it was lukewarm) - then he did it like 20 times while I giggled myself silly and C. watched in horror. I said, "Did you ever see anything like it?!?" and she said, "No, I never saw a grown person give a small child coffee."

We're all off the airport tomorrow - I'm back to the Icelandic Hinterland and C & M are going to Florida. I'd better go get in some more sunshine time before I leave.

Oh, there's a fun Top Five up, go check it out!

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kbmulder said...

Did the coffee have sugar and cream? I can't believe he kept going back for more! I didn't like the flavor until my 20's. I guess Milo is sophisticated:)