Monday, April 02, 2007

I feel ya

OMG, this is the most hilarious article I've ever read:
Teen Star Feels Pressure to be Thin

This astute comment and photo was on (BREAKING NEWS!):
Teen star Hilary Duff says she feels pressure to be thin, but has never had a problem with her weight.

Really, Hilary? I feel pressure to be thin too.


Caitlin said...

I read where someone called her "Duff Puff" in the tabloids, (which I am really opposed to, I mean people, she's like twelve! I am categorically opposed to making fun of 12 year olds. Except for Bow Wow. That dude has it coming.), and even though she is pretty well emaciated and even when she looked like a semi-normal healthy person she was nowhere near even remotely chubby, I still think of that every time I see her. Duff Puff. Ha!

Was watching Top Model last night and saw how the "Plus Size" or "Full Figure" contestants were actually a size 8. That's like, at least two inches taller than me, and one clothing size smaller. Jesus Christ.

Now I feel pressure.

Special K said...

I just find it so hilarious that the media reports on these stories like it's NEWS (or NEW news) - yes, the real story is that she's A CHILD (or that the "plus-size" models are size EIGHTS) and they're being criticised.