Monday, April 23, 2007

The Rise of Bile

Last night we watched Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj. Normally I wouldn't watch a National Lampoon movie, but it features my crush, Kal Penn. It's full of sophisticated jokes about dog's testicles and girls flashing their boobs. Halfway through, M. said, "How do you like your Kal Penn now?" Not as much, I must admit. I've read some interviews where he said he hates being in the position of putting on an Indian accent - I guess he makes up for it here by doing the worst one imaginable.

We had a fun weekend, mucking about in our yard, making two trips to the H'Depot, M. grilled a killer Thai thing, and we hung out with friends a lot.

Love this short video:


Caitlin said...

What do you think Tulip and Goblin would do if we made them a big wheel? I am guessing hilarity would ensue...

Special K said...

Uhm, I have to think it'd be Goblin running at a hundred mph while Tuely sat back and said, "Just let her do her thing..."